Ever thought about adding Beans to your Diet





Wanna go vege!

But not too sure how it will be like to say goodbye to your juicy burger or -The Oh So -appreciated grilled steak.

Consider giving it a try for a few times per week, you didn’t come up with the idea without some thought behind it, maybe you had a re-think about animal factory farming or you are convinced that it may help you losing weight. Anyway it may be, make sure to keep the balance in your diet.

Beans are good

Beans are a great addition to your cooking option, high in protein and fibers beans provide necessary nutrients to function as a base for a scrumptious lunch dish or as a staple for dinner.

Black beans have been cultivated and cooked for thousands of years in South America and are still a highly recommended protein in countries like Brazil, Mexico and Cuba, who doesn’t know the use of black beans in Mexican Taco’s.


What to do with beans

This doesn’t mean that you have to eat Tacos every day; there are many more options.

In Punjab, the region in northern India, where Sikhism originated, is traditionally vegetarian through religious requirements, legumes, lentils and beans are an important part of the Sikh diet and have been since the 1500s, the saying goes that lentils and beans are popular because they are cheap, easy to cook, tasty and most of all nutritious.

Indian vegetarian food is then also a perfect option when looking for vegetarian food.

Recent reports show that more people than ever opt for a meat free meal at least a few times a week. A staggering 16 million people in the US are vegetarian or vegan today.

Don’t forget though, proteins are needed as part of a balanced meal to furnish us with energy, the fibers of beans bestow us with the so needed detox, black beans in particular have all this plus they aid in blood sugar regulation.


bean and corn salad 003

Black turtle beans as regular black beans are also called, have a dense texture and are very popular in a wide variety of dishes, mainly for their nutritional properties.

There are many reasons to opt for a meat free meal a few times per week or permanently, which is every one’s personal consideration, important is to keep your meals nutrients balanced.

Considering meat free is considering beans to ones diet.

Stay tuned for more great health food



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