About Daily Home Cooking



To all Home Cooks and Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast  


Let me introduce myself a bit, my name is Marinus, I am a professional chef, Dutch national and live in Malaysia.

I started my professional training at the young age of fourteen, in my home country you follow a first year of bakery classes, after that first year you get to choose, pursue bakery or move on to get trained to become a cook or restaurant waiter.

I moved on, liked cooking better than the waiter job, graduated after two years of training and engaged in a work/study program where you work four days a week and study one day a week, this program takes two +two years. When finished you have four jobs, each lasting one year at different levels, with school and practical guidance, under your belt and you can say that you can cook a bit.

After working in hotels and restaurants at various levels, from bistro to Michelin star level, I moved to Asia and worked in big sized hotels and in the food processing industry.


Why this Blog

A health issue forced me out of active cooking; this made me decide to spend time in helping people in need of good working recipes and to write books. I have written four books now, three as a ghostwriter and one under my own name.

I find that many cookbooks focus on nice, great looking dishes, nothing wrong, but recipes that are suitable for all and focus on an average meal at home are harder to find.

This made me decide to create ‘Daily Home Cooking’ a platform to help those looking for “what’s for dinner” ideas. Daily Home Cooking is now about two years old and I have recently published a first book under that name.

I strongly believe that healthy home cooked food, as a principal thinking, is the right path to a healthy lifestyle, whether you follow a diet or not.

If you do follow a diet, daily home cooking can be an even bigger challenge, hence 50 Gluten Free Vegan Recipes became my first publication.

This blog is to for those who love to cook and live a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy my posts and comment as much as possible which will make this blog a fun read


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